FAQ – Magic Redirect App

Why is the redirect is not loading as expected?

It is usually one of the following two issues.

  1. The URL you want to redirect has to be invalid / broken (ie no active pages or products at that URL) as Shopify doesn’t allow our app or any others to redirect an active URL.
  2. Confirm that your automation rules are turned on within the Magic Redirect app

How do create a template for bulk upload?

It is super easy, you can download a sample CSV file or make a copy of this Google Sheet and export as a CSV. Then upload via bulk upload into our system.

Why is there a limit of 100,000 (1M for Plus Plan) redirects?

Shopify unfortunately has this limit on all Shopify stores. In order to ensure we provide a performant redirect system to our customers, we stay within the approved limits of Shopify.

Can you help me set up all the redirects for my store migration?

Absolutely, please send us an email to info @ switchbackhq.com for assistance. Please include your current store URL, new URL (if changing) and Shopify demo store with access passcode.

It is not auto redirecting as expected, what is the issue?

Please confirm you have turned on the automation functionality within the app, then within one minute the auto redirects will begin working.

Does your app overwrite existing redirects within Shopify?

The app automatically pulls in any existing redirects set up within Shopify into your Magic Redirect dashboard and you can view, edit and make any changes from the dashboard. We don’t however overwrite existing redirect rules from our Bulk Upload feature, if you have duplicate redirects, our system will ignore those and process all the other redirects in your file.

Is your app performant and load quickly on my website?

We do have a script that runs to detect and find 404’s on your e-commerce store. This is loaded asynchronously by Shopify, which means the browser is instructed to load these scripts in the background and not stop or wait for them.

Magic Redirect’s script runs on Shopify’s CDN servers and on average load in less than 30 ms (3/10th of 1 second), our team is very performance focused.

Finally, the script has no action unless it is actually a 404, at which point it triggers a redirect. Which is another way to say unless it is a 404, it doesn’t take any action or have anything to load.

What if I have a different question?

Please shoot us an email anytime to info @ switchbackhq.com and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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